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Saturday, February 23, 2008

eBaying it...

I am just letting you know that I have some items for sale, please check out my items under my screename: selena1020. The item numbers are as followed:




Monday, January 21, 2008

The Sweetest Thing...

I thought I would share the latest photoshoot that I did for my mini-magazine for for my MA course at the London College of Fashion. My idea comes from 'The Virgin Suicides' of innocent young girls that day-dream and have lazy days, unaware of the world that surrounds us because 'innocence' is the sweetest thing. The model I used looks beautiful and was absolutely perfect for the shoot.

Foot Candy

Chloe's new S/S'08 line is now hitting our stores and I have my eye on the sweet sugar coloured criss-cross patent sandals that come in various shades ranging from pastel grey, hot pink, turquoise, white and black. But what is even more interesting about these sexy sandals is that they have a unique cone heel that is two-tone, such as the white sandals having a white and turquoise heel.

They also have metal buckle fastening to give it a festish-esque edge, which makes them even more daring to wear. I am in love with all the colours, but for me, it is difficult to find a pair in a 42 (although they do them in this size).

Check out the Chloe store on Higher Sloane Street and because they have them in stock, but be warned they probably will not be around for long because Net-A-Porter are already selling out! Prices start from £318.00 and they come in small, mid and high heels (they are also available in flats).

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

'Tis The Season to Shimmer...!

Metallic is going to be a great trend for this Spring and Summer and will look great for your Christmas party, because you can party with this trend into the New Year. Designer Erin Fetherston has created the perfect party dresses in beautiful crisp silver metallic to create an ethereal look, so you too can look like an innocent Christmas angel.

These deliciously girly dresses come with either ruffled straps or, if you are feeling more daring, go for the sexy one shoulder dress. It is a great time to wear metallic pieces because it oozes glamour whilst being sophisticated, look for metallic pieces in silver or gold. If you choose to go for a dress make sure the hemline is above the knee, thin straps and not skin tight, you don’t want to look like Liz McDonald from The Rovers Return in Coronation Street. Or go for a slinky, low cut, loose vest top and wear with a good pair of skinny jeans and when the summer comes you can wear it with denim mini shorts.

Make sure your accessories are kept light, metallic is a statement itself and wear with neutral make up (you don’t want to look like a drag queen). Or seeing as it is Christmas wear the ‘frosty’ make up look as seen at the Erin Fetherston show (above). Wear this trend correctly and all eyes will be on you at the Christmas party and for the correct reasons too!

Friday, October 19, 2007

This is England.

My new MA Fashion Journalism is demanding and for a task I've had to undertake a six page magazine photoshoot (with a particular magazine in mind). I have gone for a underground punk/skinhead rebellion look and here is the finish product...well, the front cover at least! I will post the other images soon.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Come Fly with Me...

Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 08 collection is inviting you on a sexy flight to be your very own air hostess. With use of a 60s and 70s look comes a fresh new look that is crisp, mature and very, very sexy. This collection oozes attitude and independence that gives a 'bourgeoisie' touch to the post modern woman.

The show kick-starts with a stunning red and cream tight fitted dress with gold buttons and a pussy bow that gives that 60s shift dress a 1950s and but modern day attitude that is not 'dated'. Colours are heavily influenced by navy, chocolate, mustard, yellow, burnt orange, red, coral, cream and white as well as metallic and the use of silk and 'heavy' looking fabric that creates an 'old money' style.

However, the collection is sexy and has an 'air hostess' feel with the use of military style gold buttons and air hostess style hats, that brushes with edgy and odd patterns with the use of stripes, plaid and even polka dots. Pussy bows (and bows) are big for Jacobs alongside the use of the gold buttons, lace, clinched in waist (heavily 1940s inspired). The look is brought up to date, by once again, the use of 'neon' colour in the hair for a 'punk' inspiration.

There are many favourites of mine from the collection from the metallic polka dot dress to the opening classic and timless dress that opened his delightful show. This is a sure winner and a gorgeous look for S/S hope on board and fly MJ Airline today.

That magic moment...

Do you remember your first kiss? Or the time you felt really special and pretty? Betsey Johnson's S/S 08 collection creates the mood for those nostaglic memories. There is a heavy influence of the 1950s and 1960s within the collection, but one can not help thinking that the collection may also have a hint of the 1980s too due to the use of a 'biker-punk' look that can also be associated with the 50s, 60s and even 1970s too.

The collection is full of wonderful and beautiful prom dresses and sexy playsuits in gorgeous kindergarden colours of pastal pinks, yellows, blues, greens as well as the hint of metallic and the use of the all-American 'red, white and blue' that is symbollic of the good ol' US of A's flag.

The pieces are dramtic and not the usual style of dress that you could wear on a hot summer's day wondering around Covent Garden (although some of her collection has not been shown, so there is more of it yet for us to discover). The beautiful dresses, playsuits and 'two pieces' are decorated with bows, sparkly glitter, ruffles, thin belts and her signature use of pretty lace ankle socks.

Colours are used in various patterns of stripes, polka-dots and psychadelic print. My personal favourite is the micro-mini pink lace bandeau dress with the clinched in waist with the use of pink ribbon. Overall, the collection is nostaglic but also symbollic of the 1950s...but as the collection is heavily influenced by this generation could it be a way of telling us how far we have come but with today's world still heavily bombarded with greed, war, hate, racism and so forth...we are still behind and with the innocence of the 1950s maybe that was a prettier and more 'dream like' generation than now.

Give it some punk...

Anna Sui's S/S 08 is looking 'punky' and 'bright', setting of the futuristic look with a 70s and 80s twist we have a 'nu punk wave' on our hands. This is a fun collection consisting of bright and even pastel colours of purple, pink and yellow - but it is contrasted with a juxtaposition of dull colours such as grey and the usual 'black and white'. There is also a juxtaposition of patterns too with stripes being contrasted with animal print or big bold ethnic style patterns.

What is also unique about this collection is that seems to be also influenced by the 1960s and 1930s with a modern twist on monotone and flapper 'style' hats, not forgetting the 'Bugsy Malone' inspired jumpsuit creates an edgy touch. The collection is somewhat complex as the patterns work against each other, but also work together. Dresses are short and flirty, put offer a comic 'pop' feel to the look - like a cartoon world that does not work as heavily like the land of Japanese Harajuku fashion.

There is also another complicated twist of mixing the 1940s tea-dress with the 1980s 'big sleeve' look. However, the dress that I adore is the green and white stripe mini-dress with the wonderful material hanging from the waist with a gorgeous brooch. Whereas others might prefer the more 'sultry' and slightly 'gothic' metallic look within her collection that is both sexy and a great twist from what we will be seeing this F/W 07.

Overall the collection is totally eclectic due to the mix of generations that is clashed together using neon bright, pastals and dull colours and various patterns and stripes. The use of bright wigs gives the look a punky and futuristic look and the use of the 'high-waist' keeps the collection in the following form of the 1970s trend, the ankle sock finishes the look of nicely with an innocent twist.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hot as fire...

This is my second post regarding Britney Spears as another single has been leaked this is called 'Cold As Fire', which can be heard here:

Many individuals are disliking this song, but I am actually liking this. Maybe this is because it sounds like a hit that would be released by Gwen Stefani that has a Japanese/Harajuku-pop feel to it. But this single is more 'Britney'...but then again, I have not heard the rest of her new upcoming album.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gimme more...

I know this is a fashion blog, but being a Britney Spears fan I could not contain my excitement and I have to share with other fans Britney's new single 'Gimme More'. Check it out here?

Well I have to say I am lovin' her new sound...lets hope her comeback is worthwhile.